I’m Colleen Guirand, designer and writer based in New York.

I’ve always been drawn to the arts since I was a child. Design has always been on the periphery of my interests, and it wasn’t until very recently that I realized I possessed a passion for design that rivals the excitement I feel for writing.  

I began my design journey with an internship at a start-up company at the beginning of my college career. As a recent graduate, I'm thrilled to continue my career working with

companies as a designer.

I’m passionate about beautiful visual design and intuitive, usable products that allow people to interface with the world in a way that inspires user creativity and

promotes positive social impact.  

Whether I’m building a software user interface for a groundbreaking motion graphics web platform, executing a fresh website experience for a celebrated graphic design studio, conceptualizing and ideating on a news article, I have a user-centered mindset from start to finish. I revel in translating research findings into interfaces that meet users' needs and exceed their usability expectations.

I bring creativity, personality, enthusiasm, and strong communication skills to all my work and interactions, with a singular ability to manage my time and prioritize tasks within an established structure.

I believe that work is transformative—and work which melds beautiful visual design with solid usability is well worth the undertaking.