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Loan App

Apple • Wireframes • User Interface • Prototyping 

Project Overview

The goal of the project was to design an app where users can borrow and loan household items throughout their communities.

My Contributions

I was in charge of creating screens displaying that a user has successfully searched and joined a community in their area. I created wireframes and designed the UI as well as a couple of prototypes. 


Starting with the Core

When I joined the project, the back end was already completed and my task was to build an easy to use interface around it. I decided to start by wireframing the most important screens like the rating screen that's unique to this app. I continued by defining other screens that the user goes through to find communities.

Untitled (4).png

UI Components Used


Putting It all Together

After I had both the structure and the wireframes, I proceeded with putting it all together and designing the final UI. 

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