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Ethereal Skincare Website

Mac • Wireframes • Flowcharts • User Interface • Prototyping • Personas

Project Overview

The goal of the project was to design a skincare website concept where users with all skin types can purchase products that best fit their needs.

My Contributions

I was responsible for this project from start to finish. This included doing research, defining personas, creating flowcharts and wireframes as well as designing a finished user interface.

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Defining User Personas

Based on the research I defined four different personas based on their needs, ages and skin complexion. 

User 1
User 2
User 3
User 4

Defining the Flow

After I defined the main personas that would most likely be on the site, it was time to step back and see how it all fits into the big picture. The navigation was designed so that all the main steps are easily accessible. This flow includes informational homepage of exclusive and featured products, adding to cart,  customer support and 404 page. 


Putting It All Together

After I had both the structure and the wireframes, I proceeded with putting it all together and designing the final UI. 

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