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The goal of the project was to design an app where users can borrow and loan household items throughout their communities.


UI Designer
Visual design

June 2021 - December 2021


TeraThoguht is student-powered startup building software solutions to reduce resource consumption and waste by helping communities share. Learn more about what Terathought does. 

As part of the design team, we wanted to find a way for communities to be able to share household items with each other using an app that would track and connect people together.

As one of two designer on the team. I was responsible for the visuals for the app. Here is a list of my accomplishments below:

  • I hosted design sprints to identify the problem, ideate on the solution, prototype and implement the final product.

  • Work closely with CEO to discuss research finding and help turn ideas into intangible products

Create Community (FULL FORMAT_LIGHT).png
Create Community (FULL FORMAT_LIGHT)-1.png
Create Community (FULL FORMAT_DARKMODE)-3.png
Create Community (FULL FORMAT_DARKMODE)-2.png
Create Community (FULL FORMAT_DARKMODE)-1.png
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